Don Earnshaw's Passing.....

We were very saddened to hear Don Earnshaw passed away yesterday, February 15, 2019. 

Don was a long time active member in the Canadian Classic Chevelles & Beaumonts Car club. Don was also a member of the Island Dragway Promoters (1970 - 1972) and performed many tasks at Van Isle dragways. Bev also worked in the tower at the track.

Come Car Show Season in the spring, every year we anticipate the release of Ernie’s List. For many years this has been the go to Schedule of Car Shows on the island and elsewhere. Don started this list and has compiled it every year for many years. A very important and appreciated contribution to the local classic car culture.

Just a couple weeks ago friends, family and club members attended a tribute to Don.

Some of John Dutton’s photos from Don’s Van Isle Dragways Days......

A few random shots from the VIHR albums.

Here is a card form the Canadian Classic Chevelles & Beaumonts Facebook page. It Depicts Don and Bev's '67 Beaumont Sport Deluxe often referred to by them as their 'wedding ring'. This reference was made because they bought the car in '67 in lieu of a wedding ring. Our

Many thanks to Don and family for their contributions and support of the classic car culture here on the island.

Don Earnshaw - Nov 7 1941-Feb 15 2019

Don Earnshaw’s Cruise

About 100 cars showed up for the Don Earnshaw cruise on the weekend.

Video by Don’s grandson.

Pics by John Mckay and Gordie Strongman .