New Site Sponsor

Having been a Hot Rod fan since I was very young, I can appreciate the hard work and attention that enthusiasts have given to their creations. The thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of their time to just get it the way they want it, perfect! This type of dedication and perseverance is unique among the average population and yet common with Hot Rod enthusiasts. We all know that it is very rare to ever get your money back from your investment, if you tried to sell your car, once it is finished. But we do it anyways!


This is why your investment needs to be protected against the possibility of theft, damage due to an accident or by a natural disaster. The only way to be properly protected is by having your investment appraised and then making sure you have sufficient insurance coverage in the event of the unfortunate mishap. This is what prompted me to take action and become a proud sponsor of Vancouver Island Hot Rods. I know what it is like to have something I treasure become stolen. It's like a hole in my stomach, a pain in my chest and the feeling of being betrayed. Knowing that I have sufficient insurance coverage and that I will be fairly compensated for my loss, is what helps me get past the loss and move on.

I am offering anyone with Hot Rods or Classic Cars a chance to get their investment protected by offering a 25% discount on my services.

DB Appraisals Ltd is and will continue to be a Proud Sponsor of Vancouver Island Hot Rods and a part of the Hot Rod community!

Darryl Bilobrowka, CPPA
DB Appraisals Ltd