1970's in Ucluelet

We would like to say “Thank you” to Todd Rocke for sending us these old time drag photos dating back to the 1970’s in the Ucluelet area back in the day...

There were many other cars in Ucluelet back then that were sweet. A Mercury Cyclone with a 428 CJ, A Maverick Grabber with a 302. A 69 Mustang Mach I with 428 CJ. Numerous other hot rods as well. Forgotten many as it was almost 40 yrs ago for me. lol Tim Scott would know the others. We grew up together in Ukee. 

Here is a pic of the 69 Road Runner. Originally a Henri car (so goes the story) Had a fiberglass lift off Six Pack hood. In this pic it was running a stout 340 with a 727 trans and 4:10 Dana rear. This car was owned by Steve Halvarson. Davids' brother.

This is Serge Noel with his brother Conrad. The 64 Corvette was a 427 -600HP 4 spd car with I believe 4:88 or lower gearing. Serge used to race it up between Courtney & Campbell River on the old paved logging road. It was a very fast car in its day. Serge took it to Mission to see how it ran on the lights...High 9's back then.