Van Isle Dragways Color Kodaks

So I am at the Vette show today and I ran into friend Bruce Bell. He was hoping he would see me as he told me he had something for me from Van Isle Dragways. Of course my heart skipped a beat and he pulls out this plastic holder that had two color kodaks taken of him in his 1971 Charger RT leaving the line at Van Isle as well as two of his time slips and then tells me I can have these. Thought it was cool as well as friend John Dutton's Photography business address was on the back of the slips. John of course was the Van Isle Dragways strip photographer. Photos were taken in July 1971 by a friend of Bruce's. I would like to again express my sincere thanks to Bruce for thinking of me and also say a huge Thank you in general to all who have entrusted me with your material! It is beyond gratefully appreciated