Tony's 76 Volare Roadrunner

This was how the car started out. As he was nearing the end of grade 8 about to start his high school career at Victoria High school we knew the school had great shop programs and figured it would be the perfect time for him to start a project.  The project, turn this old Aspen into a Roadrunner clone and learn lots of great life skills while building your dream car at school. 

After some fresh gas new battery and repairs to flat tires and a really big clean up the car came home.

Next stop for the car was first year of shop class "mechanics grade 9" replace all the brakes change the exhaust system replace the rad and dress up the engine

The next step was to install the 6 pack hood scoop and paint the hood black and refinish the rims.

This work was completed, grade 9 was finished and it was summer break, time to enjoy a few car shows and cruising with friends. 

Tony and his sister Sophia had a blast on the last cruise before school starts up again.

The first day of grade 10 in the body-shop class with Kevin Blecic shop teacher. Tony brings the car to school really excited after a fun summer and a great first year in Mr Stewart Wheelers mechanic class. Now the students working together will learn how to do a complete body and paint job. This is tony's build team. They did metal work to the body and stripped down the interior and applied POR15 rust inhibitor before top coating in the orange.

After all the bodywork was done it was time for primer.

The next big steps after the body was primed was to color change all the interior panels and repairs to dash pad and test fit the rare spectrum interior package .

The next big step was to block sand the primer and apply the orange tinted primer sealer. After all that was done tony started painting all the inners on the car. Then it was time to paint the body of the car ,this was Tony's first time to paint a car and with help from his friend Jim Blackwood it went really well. Next up was to apply all the graphics to the car with help from his friend Bella Love

And at last we have the finished product.

Since the car has been finished Tony has gone on to compete in skills Canada bringing the school a Gold medal and silver medal in automotive refinishing he has had the car in many shows and also had a display representing Vic high shops at Rifflandia music festival. 

Tony at skills Canada in Edmonton with teachers and support staff with team BC

Tony and his teacher Kevin Blecic at a local car show

At Rifflandia display 

It's been a truly great high school experience for our son and his friends building this car.  Thank you Sarah for selling your car to Tony and thank you Courtney for selling him the cool interior and graphics and thank you to all our friends out there that helped Tony see this through to the end.