Reece's Z28

When I (Lyndon) was in high school the car I really wanted was a 1981 Camaro Z28. Unfortunately circumstance and timing has never been right, and I have never owned one. So when I first saw this Z28 around town of course I noticed it. The custom paint job was nice, but wasn’t sure it was something I would like. Then this spring I spotted a beautiful black Camaro at the Lowe’s meet, so I had to talk to the owner. After meeting and talking to Reece, I soon realized it was the car I had seen before, but dressed in some new black paint. Since then, the car has also had the proper factory Z28 decals put on, and looks amazing.

For us older guys, some older than others, we remember these cars when they were still in the dealerships. They take us back to the days of our youth. But it is also nice to see the young guys of today take interest and appreciate these classic cars. Looking forward to seeing Reece and his Z28 at the Show N Shine events this summer.

The Day I picked it up.

I bought the car when I was 14 years old, and ever since then it grew my passion to build muscle cars. I’ve owned the car now for three and a half years. I’m slowly building the car in stages. First year was getting the engine mechanically sound, with new plugs and wires, new edelbrock carburetor and edelbrock rpm intake manifold a msd street fire distributor, fixed the tilt steering because it was very loose. The interior was next on the list. I wanted to do interior first because I could live with the purple flames but I didn’t like the tan interior so I gutted the interior put new door panels, headliner, carpet, arm rest, painted all tan pieces black, took out the stock shifter and added an aftermarket shifter, and for seats I got custom seats that were stitched with 32oz fabric instead of the covers you can buy that are made with 28oz fabric. This year was paint. I knew from the start I wanted to bring the car back to looking stock so I put the original 5 spoke wheels on and went for the black with charcoal stripes

New Paint

New Factory Decals