Daryl Foster's history of the Cal Morrow Coupe

Daryl Foster was a founding member of the Victoria Quarter Milers, was active and on the executive of VITRA (Vancouver Island Track Racing Association) and has held a life long interest in our hobby. In recent years he has become an avid historian of events and people from our old neighbourhood here in the suburbs of Victoria. He has recorded and edited oral history from several dozen senior citizens who have shared their memories of the past 60 to 80 years.

Prompted by the continued interest in old hot rods on this site, by the recent success of NW Deuce Days and the recent article about Vancouver Island Hot Rods of the past in Issue 71 of Rodder's Journal, Daryl decided to turn his talents to recording the history of the Cal Morrow coupe.

Interesting to note that one of the former owners of the car is Dennis Besler, whose photo collection was the foundation of the Rodder's Journal article and who is also recording our hot rod history by creating scale models of old Victoria/Vancouver Island Hot Rods.